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The right annuity can provide a pension income

There is so much out there about annuities. Experts either hate them or they love them. It's up to you to do your homework and make that determination for yourself. In 2007, when I started my career in the insurance industry, I didn't know about the lifetime income benefits of an annuity and options to double payments for certain life events. My traditional, financial advisor only discussed stocks, bonds and real estate. While these are all sound investments, there are also insurance contracts with tons of benefits that should be considered.  Just as diversity is a benefit in nature, it's also a benefit when it comes to your income in retirement . If diversity and sustainability resonate with you, "Level up" your financial life and get in touch with us.

"If you won’t have income from a real pension in retirement, make sure you go out and get some real pension income."

Moshe A. Milevsky - A leading authority on the intersection of wealth management, financial mathematics and insurance.

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